Year 9 Active Volunteering

On Monday March 4, Sarah Botheras from Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden came to Tyrrell College to work together with the Year 9 Active Volunteering class to engage young people to ‘Eat well, Play well.’ The original plan was for the Year 9 students to assist with the Sea Lake Kindergarten kids, however due to the Kinder being closed, the lower primary students luckily stepped in to help with the activity at the last minute. 

Half of the Year 9’s prepared the fruit under Sarahs guidance,  while the others set up tables and games. Upon arrival, the Foundation to Grade 3 students engaged in a warm-up game of fruit salad before they sat down to decorate their pots with the Year 9 students.

Once they completed this, they then potted themselves a herb and watered it, enjoyed a fruit cup of chopped up pieces of fruit of their choosing, and then played some games. To finish it all off, the lower primary were able to make themselves some ‘sushi sandwiches’ with the help of some of the Year 9 girls who gave up their lunchtime. 

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