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Mental Health Matters

Student Support

The Mental Health and Student Support team consists of a qualified Mental Health Practitioner, School Nurse and support staff. They liaise closely with teachers to provide the best support with any mental health and wellbeing concerns of our school students. This relates to not only the wellbeing of students, but also families and the wider community. They specialise in assessment, planning, treatment and referral for mental health and wellbeing concerns. Parents/carers are encouraged to contact them at the school for any matters relating to Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Student Support Team

Elliott, Carol

Carol Elliott

School Nurse (RND1)
Lloyd, Stacey

Stacey Lloyd

Disability Inclusion Coordinator

Jaclyn Borlase

Student Wellbeing

Breaky Club

The aim of the School Breakfast Club Program is to offer a healthy breakfast for all students. Research shows that having breakfast can positively affect student learning and attendance. Tyrrell College provides all students the opportunity to have breakfast in the canteen five days per week. This is sponsored by Foodbank Victoria and our Parents and Friends Committee and is free of charge. The program is staffed by volunteers and support staff. It runs daily from 8.30 -8.45am before Period 1 starts.

Buddy Program

A focus is our development and fostering of relationships between the Senior and Junior Campuses. We run a Foundation and Year 12 Buddy program that involves our Year 12 students completing PDP with the Foundation students one day a week. This helps to ease Foundation students into their schooling journey by providing a familiar, friendly face.
Students complete activities and games, and engage in Reading Circles to help encourage a love of reading and learning. A big part of our Buddy program is the Foundation Special Assembly and Year 12 Luncheon. The Foundation Special Assembly involves our Year 12 students presenting a book to our Foundation Students in their first few weeks of school. In return, the Foundation students present our Year 12 students with a parting gift on their last day of formal classes.

The Resilience Project

This year, we have introduced the Resilience Project as part of our students’ Personal Development Program (PDP) time. The Resilience Project is a well renowned program that supports students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing through focusing on Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness.
Students complete a range of tasks and activities to improve their Mental Health, along with their capacity to support their peers.