Foodbank Fun Run

On Friday March 22 Tyrrell College held a School Fun Run to raise money for Foodbank Victoria. Foodbank Victoria supply food for the school to go towards breakfast club each morning. Students were distributed pamphlets to sign-up and start fundraising. All the students dressed in white t-shirts and were sprayed with water guns, coloured powder bombs and slime as they ran laps of the school oval. They all had an amazing time! Mr Coffey, Mrs Durie, Mr Singleton, Mr Griffiths and Mrs Symes all volunteered to be slimed by the five highest earning fundraisers-Jacob Cox, Dean Watson, Cayson Mannix, Aria Leo and Bryn Allan, well done to these students.

This great fundraiser idea empowers students and the school community to support families struggling with food insecurity and celebrate an amazing contribution towards the great work of Foodbank. Foodbank Victoria feed over 57,000 people a day and supports over 1,000 schools across the state!

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