Year 8 Science

year 8 science tyrrell college

Recently, in the Year 8 Science class, students were exploring the human digestive system, and how the different tissue and organs work together to perform a combined function. We learnt that the digestive system’s role is to ingest, digest and absorb nutrients so that the body can use them to build other materials like: enzymes, hormones and cell membranes. We researched the role of each organ and completed a prac to investigate how enzymes work to help break down our food. To conclude the unit, students completed the “Poo Prac” where they used items like scissors and mortal and pestles to model teeth, potato mashers to represent the stomach churning and stockings to show how nutrients escape back into the blood.  It was messy and a lot of fun. There were laughs, ooohs and argghhs, and some not so reassuring facial expressions despite the fact we only used bananas, chocolate, coffee and a sandwich. It looked realistic and helped the students to understand how each step contributes to digesting our food. 

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