Year 8 Outdoor Education Camp

Throughout Term One the Year 8 Outdoor Ed class had been preparing for their overnight camp at Green Lake.   Students had to prepare their menu planners which consisted of a list of foods they needed for every meal. On Monday 4 March they had the opportunity for a practice run cooking their main meals on the Trangia Stoves (light weight stoves).

On Thursday 7 March, the Year 8 students loaded the bus and travelled out to Green Lake ready for an action packed 2-day experience. As soon as we got off the bus, students began setting up their tents. Most groups worked well together and were able to get their tents set up quite well.

The first activity was canoeing/kayaking. Students demonstrated how to raft up as a group and maneuver their raft in different directions. We played some games where students had to climb from one canoe across the raft to another canoe. This required excellent teamwork skills. We then played some relay games where students had to paddle out to rescue team members from the water. After some very close relays, students then attempted the capsize activities. This requires one canoe deliberately tipping over. Another canoe must come then to rescue, which requires students lifting and dragging a canoe full of water up and over another canoe. The canoe must then be rolled over and placed back into the water for students to climb back up into their canoe. This exercise requires high levels of teamwork and communication skills.

After lunch we began our skiing session. Students alternated from knee boards, wakeboards, wakeskates, skis and the crash mat. All the students worked well together and helped support those who may have been having difficulties.

Dinner time consisted of students preparing their own meals. They cooked a range of meals such as fried rice, pasta dishes, chips. Some meals were more successful than others. After wash-up, some students decided to watch the football on Mr Griff’s TV. After this they went for a night-time walk before heading to bed.

For breakfast, students prepared a range of meals such as French toast, eggs, waffles, and cereal. After wash-up students participated in more canoeing and waterskiing activities. It was then time to pack away tents and load the bus ready for home.

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