Year 7 Retreat

The Year 7 Retreat day was held on Thursday February 29, the Retreat is an integral part of our student wellbeing program with students spending the day at Green Lake participating in a range of activities designed to build a cohesive class unit, as well as learn to work as a team and follow instructions. Students learnt POOCH problem solving and coping skills developed by Kids Helpline, along with a little more about their peers. Students participated in a range of mental health and wellbeing activities, also learning about the welfare and support staff available for access within the school. A key element of the day was the water-based activities where students learnt new skills under the guidance of Mr Griffiths and his Year 10 Sport and Rec students. The Year 7’s worked on developing new skills mastering a paddleboard and working as a team. It also highlighted those still developing their listening and coordination skills.

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