Women in Trades Expo

On Wednesday 12 of our Year 9/10 students had an excursion to The Trades Fit expo in Melbourne, accompanied by Mr Coffey and Tarsh. They had a very early start, taking the bus to Bendigo and then catching the train to Melbourne. The expo was hosted by the Department of Education for female and non-binary students in years 9-12. The expo allows these students to experience exciting career opportunities in traditionally male-dominated fields, through practical learning experiences, technology displays, information sessions and panel discussions. It provides a comfortable space where students are given interactive experiences across a number of industries including building and construction, electrical engineering, plumbing, automotive and marine, aviation, robotics, mining, agriculture and more. Afterwards students had free time at the Spencer Outlet Centre where they shopped to their hearts content. Then it was a quick trip to the lolly shop before boarding the train back to Bendigo. By the time we reached Bendigo the chickens were starving so it was straight to MacDonalds and KFC, by the time the bus left Bendigo the sugar had kicked in and the bus was rocking (quiet literally). The girls all had an amazing and memorable day.

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