Phil Kettle – ‘Too Cool’ Author Visit

Last week, our school had the privilege of welcoming the renowned author, Phil Kettle. Phil is a celebrated children’s author with over 60 books to his name. During his talk with the primary students, Phil shared his journey to becoming an author, highlighting his passion for reading and writing from a young age. He also talked about his writing process, inspiration, and the importance of planning and editing in producing a great story. After the talk, Phil conducted a writer’s workshop for years 3-6, focusing on how to generate ideas, plan, and write an engaging story. He provided students with practical writing exercises and shared tips on how to develop their stories’ characters, setting, and plot. The students were very enthusiastic and engaged, and they asked a lot of insightful questions. We are grateful to Phil Kettle for taking the time to visit our school and share his insights with our students. His visit has undoubtedly sparked a love for writing and creativity in our students, and we look forward to seeing their future literary creations.

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