Family Fun Festival

Congratulations to the Tyrrell College Alpine School for Leadership students for organising a fantastic Family Festival of Fun on Father’s Day.

The event had close to 400 people attend to shop from a variety of market stalls, go on numerous rides   ranging from a Cha Cha to bungy trampolines, play a number of fun arcade games and socialise while having something to eat like slushies and ice creams.

The six youths, together with their fellow classmates, have worked extremely hard over the last 4 months to plan, prepare and fundraise for this event. They were really keen to showcase the skills they had gained while at leadership school while also bringing together the community for a fun day out and to check on one another especially before heading into harvest. They planned the event to be in September to coincide with R U OK? Activities.

The youths were also keen to ensure that everyone was able to attend and not be excluded due to costs. This was achieved by the successful application of grants to Victorian Youth Fest, the National Centre for Farmer Health and Advance Sea Lake Riordan Community Chest. Also to the generous donations from a number of local businesses and organisations – Speed Lions Club, Sea Lake Lions club, Haeusler’s, Col Durie Plumbing, Skymirror, Symco, Tasco, CM Pearce Electrical, Pickering Transport, Foodworks, Allan Ag, Cambria Farms,    Nutrien Ag, Tracey’s on Best, Central Mallee Health, North West Ag, and ConBallan.

The day was a big success with sunny weather and a perfect location at the Rec Reserve. A big thank you to everyone who helped out in anyway such as George Bailey with the Rec Reserve, Damien Leo with the PA system, Darren Allan with the firetruck and filling up the water Zorb pool. There are many more to thank such as those that stepped in and supervised the arcade games and gate, the parents of each of the youths who helped out with many jobs throughout the day and lastly everyone for coming along and supporting the event!        

Kellie Matthews

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