Cows Create Careers Program

Tyrrell College’s VCE students have been visiting Bethune Dairy since 2020. This year Tyrrell College are taking part in Dairy Australia’s COWS CREATE CAREERS Program. The calves will be adopted by Tyrrell College for a period of time, in which the students will be responsible for rearing the calves, ensure they have the adequate shelter, […]


The VET students have the opportunity to lead Tyrrell’s cropping program. Through the programs close partnerships with industry experts the students use industry best practices equipment to manage the 80 hectares. Students are involved with agronomists from Dodgshun Medlin to plan the farms cropping season, sow the paddocks using the newest John Deere Tractor as […]

Food Ladder

During Term 2, 2023 the Ag department were successful in establishing the first Food Ladder System in Victoria. The polycarbonate greenhouse will provide students with a controlled environment to grow plants within a six-week cycle. Food Ladder systems assist communities around the world in establishing successful social enterprises. Food Ladder systems are five times more […]